Roman Villa near Coliseum

The project is located near the Coliseum, more precisely close to Domus Aurea. 

The aim is to realize a villa projected as a home-museum, that is a complex system of articulated spaces based on the presence of collections of contemporary and archaeological art, in which the relationship between public and private spaces constitutes the true authorizing principle of the project.

Following an initial study of the axes, an assembly process has started, which has defined the forms and the composition of the environments. The project references are related to architectural typologies based on architectural orders that dictate measures, proportions, and relationships. Mostly, two architectural orders were chosen: the composite and the ionic.

The complex consists of a main block where the entrance, the reception room, the dressing rooms, the manor residence and the residence for guests are located; other part of the project are an antiquarium, a library, an open-air theater and a cellar, located at the level of the ruins.