Settlement transformations and new urbanization: Santa Barbara caserma

The theme of the project is the transformation of a demerged area and the development of the settlement fabric, in which the theme of the residence integrated into the functions of sociality, including those of the theater and the library, must play a primary role . The area for design experimentation is located in the western sector of Milan: Piazza d’Armi of Santa Barbara Caserma at Baggio. In the first phase, a thorough background analysis was required and subsequently the project planning axes were defined. Regarding the issue of residence, the type of court chosen was the closed one; the latter was developed with the main references Carlos Ferrater, 3 Housing Blocks in Cerda’s Enchanche and Magistretti, Multifunctional Building in Via San Marco. The ground plan is designed for business and residential areas with respect to which different types of apartments have been studied: 50 sqm, 100 sqm, 150 sqm, 150 sqm duplex. These apartments have been hypothesized as proofs and usage alternatives, telling them short stories.