Puntinvista: wonder is the seed of knowledge

The project is aimed at the upgrading of the children’s park, a delimited area in the east of the Roman walls and the park of the Castello Sforzesco, in the city of Novara. The theme of vision was introduced as a guide and key to reading goals. To do this, you had to rely on a number of impressions  that were developed from an in-depth analysis of what the viewpoint is about and also what you expect to do or find in a park. It has been chosen a fil rouge as a unifying and characterizing element of the project; this element is transformed into the various parts of the project area, takes shape, directs, frames, leads and shows. In particular, this fil rouge in the park concretizes in a sinuous secondary pavement paved with red cement, becoming a distinctive element. In order to find it, the various crafts are conceived as elements, which, with their materials, colors and conformations, stimulate the sense of sight and the curiosity of the users. The artifacts are: the theater, the bar, the playground, the arbor, the house on the tree and the womb house. The project has aimed at creating spaces that can become adventure, discovery and movement workshops. With colors, materials and forms, we try to enhance the sensory and perceptual abilities of children.