New Adrian Center

This work has started from a survey made on services and green area in the district. The first thing can be noticed is that the cinema is situated in the middle of a sistem of medical centre from which it is few minutes far. Secondly, it came out the lack of green area of high quality; the only green zones are the one beside the streets.  The project consists in realizing a ward with clinics and an healing garden. The choise was made to give to the area a new place for meeting and a real green area.  The aim was to create a place where the patient can stay before going home and after have been for a long time in hospital. It has also been introduced the healing garden theme.  In fact this experience doesn’t finish in the garden, but continues in all the building; in this way the green areas are part of the project. All the project worked mainly with the facace; in fact the green facade keeps happening also in the tower. For what concern the building of the ward there have been added concrete boxes covered with timber that are the patient’s rooms. There were chosen  two different material in colour and in nature, concrete and timber. Concrete is used for the structure and timber is used to cover the boxes and for the external floor. The railing are made with glass because the aim is to see the boxes coming out from a glass wall.