Create and amplify the art space

The project focuses on the Arca of Renzo Piano. This construction was realized only and exclusively for the representation of Prometheus. The goal was to find a new feature, placing it inside the Monza Park. The project consists of a multifunctional center consisting of two main buildings that engage on a low and long body that acts as a glue. In the first building there was a theater, while in the second was placed the Arca, assigning them the function of conference room. Below it was a room designed to host an exhibition about the history of the Arca and Prometheus. The lower building, however, have several functions: a foyer, a ticket area, a bookshop and a dining area. Since both monumental buildings are completely hermetic, in the third manufacture they work counter-open, making it totally permeable thanks to glass-faced windows that open onto the park. The project also includes the accommodation of the outdoor area with seating, paths and play areas.